Channeling Olivia…you don’t need a trust fund!

Love her or hate her, the one thing you can’t diss Olivia Palermo for is her amazing style. The girl has it in spades. Period.

Like most celebutante-socialites, Olivia is privy not only  to primo designer goods and insider connections, but enough cash to be able to afford YSL pumps and the like, regularly. Granted, I don’t know the state of Olivia’s financial affairs, but with her DVF and The City gigs, she’d probably be doing fine even without Daddy’s money.

Anyway, what I love about Olivia is that she mixes high-low with great aplomb. Yes she can do designer from head-to-toe, but she doesn’t, choosing instead to mix in very affordable pieces. And she still looks like a million bucks.

For example…

oliviaPremium leather disc jacket by Topshop, $310.

Larissa velcro strap sandal by Topshop, $145.


Passion-Frill sandals by Boutique, at Topshop, $190.