I ♥ Tuesdays

But why, you ask?

Well, first, Tuesday is not Monday, and that’s always good. Second, Tuesday is the day my Grazia (Australia) fashion magazine arrives in the mailbox.

That’s right. A weekly fashion magazine, finally. For the ADD-afflicted fashionista. And let me tell you, it is brilliant. Very few ads, witty writing, gorgeous photography, and excellent stylists (which equals excellent spreads). It is my new favorite magazine…sorry U.S. readers, unfortunately it’s not there. And also unfortunate, the yummy spreads that appear in the magazine are not offered on the Web site. Which kind of hurts me as well, because there have been many times I’ve wanted to share a look I lusted in the pages of the mag, but short of scanning pages myself (who can be bothered), most are not available digitally.

Grazia, which was founded in Europe, has only been on the newsstands in Australia for one year. In fact, the latest issue marks Grazia Australia’s one-year anniversary. Happy birthday Grazia…now please hire me!

I so love this magazine that I rarely dispose of an issue. I love it so much that hubby knows to leave me alone when it shows up on Tuesday, and he absolutely knows better than to ask me to put it down and turn out the light when it’s still in my hands at bedtime.

This is just a single example of why Grazia is great…a feature which ran in the U.K. edition that I accidentally stumbled across online: the Louboutin manicure.


Leave it to Grazia to use styling and photography so compelling it actually convinces you to try something wholly impractical, if not fully outrageous.  If I ever had it in me to don talon-like acrylics, I would totally try this on for size. But since I type like 14 hours a day, a fingertip-length, squoval nail is more conducive. So there’ll be no seductive red flash under my fingernails.

Though I do know who could pull this off with such gorgeousity it would hardly seem strange:  fellow Lou lover Dita Von Teese.



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