They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well, what I’m about to ramble on about is no new invention, but for these times, it is indeed novel.

The latest “shopping” concept being piloted in Australia and the U.S. is swapping. Yes, I said swapping. Trading your stuff for someone else’s. We all have a friend whose closet we covet, or have seen a fashionista slinking around and thought how much you’d love to raid her wardrobe. So swapping makes complete sense, especially in these lean economic times.

A Swap My Style event.
A Swap My Style event.

I’m so disappointed that I only recently read about Swap My Style, because I just missed the organization’s last event in Sydney in June, and it sounds like it was magnifique. Swap My Style hosts swap events where you can take up to five items (clothing or accessories) and trade them for tokens based on the value of your items. You then use the tokens to “buy” items that others have brought to the event.

Now how fun would that be? Trading in those things in your closet you never really loved for something new, with no money exchanging hands? I love the concept. And I can’t wait until the next event so I can give it a whirl!

The Clothing Exchange also hosts swap events, but based on the Web site, these events may not have the panache…or the goods…likely to be found at a Swap My Style event. But you can decide for yourself.

Vogue Australia Forums also includes a swapping thread on its Shopping Forum; however, this is unregulated swapping, so swappers should proceed with caution.

P.S.: The Swap My Style Web site is not only well-done, it’s actually quite informative. If you’re an Australia-based fashionista, you will dig.