For the curvy girls out there…

I’m using this poll to console myself about the extra…erm…kilos I’ve gained. As much as everyone loves to sit in judgment about Jessica Simpson’s weight, the truth of the matter is people—men especially—prefer curvy over skinny. And the poll below (from proves it, yet again.


Who wears her cutoffs better?
Ashlee Simpson 13% Jessica Simpson 87%


  1. Personally, I too think that Jessica Simpson looks great lately and really, it’s all about maintaining one’s overall health and expressing a confident attitude. I’ll admit that I stress a bit when I start to creep slightly above a US size 6 however, I am a short n’ petite body type where a 5 to 10 pound gain on me really is quite noticible unlike women who are taller than um, barely 5’4″. The worst of all is the “bobble-head”/”lolly-pop” look of a stick frame with a big head. This is an unfortunate trend around the celebrity n’ movie n’ music industry right now. And…with now being in my 40’s I realize that unless I pay a fortune and spend a ton of my time with the right trainers, out-sourcing services, personalized meals and so forth that most Hollywood celebrities do, I’m just not going to look like I did back in my 20’s. Thanks for this post and yes, it’s really an inspiration…

  2. Thanks for your comment, Lac! It is sad how we (even I) sometimes buy into the trend to be super skinny…but it is unrealistic and unhealthy. However, it does take discipline to maintain a svelte figure today, especially with the many dietary temptations out there. I think in the end weight gain and control is a very individual struggle…we all have to find a way to manage it and find a balance between being regimented and enjoying our lives.

  3. The balancing is a great point! This past 4th of July I ate things like fried chicken, deviled eggs and aple pie that normally I would never touch but I enjoyed them in the spirit of the occassion and now am back to my “healthy eating” once again. I try to think of it as putting the good-stuff into my body to fuel it…that helps when passing up all the fun-food that’s out there. I tell ya’ though, what I’d give for a Tim Tam right now, lol!

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