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I have always been an ardent advocate of the thank you note, handwritten when possible. Especially in these times, a thoughtful, handwritten note is like a little treasure in the mailbox of your addressee. It is not only in good from to acknowledge a gift or gesture, it makes you and the recipient feel great. Although I’d be the first to sing the praises of computers and home printers, sadly this technology plus the dying art of social grace is responsible for a tragic amount of invitation/thank you blunders. If you invited 500 people to your wedding and got 500 gifts, you should acknowledge each one individually (read more about wedding gift thank you notes). If you don’t want to write that many thank yous, then trim your list. But never, never do the one-size-fits-all, pre-printed thank you. I’d rather receive a personally-written note several months later than a prompt, mass-produced, generic thanks. Unless you are a corporation, that is an unkind and unflattering way to acknowledge one’s generosity.

While any stationery which conveys a sincere thank you is outstanding, I happen to be picky about the stationery I use, and thus have spent a lot of money on notecards and other paper products I know full well will be binned upon receipt and review. But that does not matter. I view stationery as a representation of myself, of my brand, if you will; consequently, when at all possible I prefer to use high-quality, visually exciting papers to capture my thoughts. Stationery is a business card for you, even when it is not a business or calling card (though I love both!). And it is one of the ways we can express our creativity in a public fashion, so I take it seriously, right down to the stamp whenever I have control over that as well.

There are lots of stationery companies to choose from these days, and my favorites include Crane & Co., Kate Spade, Vera Wang, Prentiss Douthit, and one of my latest discoveries, Elum. Elum produces letterpress stationery that not only looks stellar, but it is a delight to touch, with its delicious heavy card stock and imprinted, textured designs. It makes you want to sit down and pen a personal note to a special somebody.


I have seen Elum products in both the U.S. and Australia, but you can also order online in the U.S., or by phone or fax internationally.


  1. this blushing bride would be happy if some of her guests simply *responded* to her wedding invite, let alone sent a gift … sorry, needed to vent … but yes, thank you notes are a must must must! I am still waiting for a thnak you note from a wedding I attended a couple of years ago.

  2. T…vent anytime! I know the feeling. I don’t know why people don’t take the letters R.S.V.P. seriously. Maybe that’s another blog post.

    Kala stefana!!! I know you’re excited. All your work will be so worth it on that day!


  3. Back in my job hunting days, I did the same with resume paper and envelopes in professional weights and colors. I know all they cared about was a generic printed version on nearly transparent printer paper, and no one else I know did it, but it was so wrong and sinful to me, I couldn’t.

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