Kickin’ it in Kings Cross

Had a great day yesterday here in Oz! Hopped a train in the morning to meet a new friend in Kings Cross for lunch. She took me to a fab little restaurant named Bill’s…little did I know I was about to eat lunch at a Darlinghurst (and Sydney) foodie landmark (thanks for that, friend!).

Bill's is modest...and inviting.

Bill’s is owned by Bill Granger, and the Darlinghurst restaurant is spare, simple, and thoughtful. Orchids and tulips add color to its neutral palette; several private, individual tables dot the perimeter along street-level windows. However, the main attraction is a massive table that encourages community-style dining.

Now normally, I’m not a fan of this. I like my space. And my privacy. But the dimensions of the table are such that the diners seated across from you are far enough that you couldn’t “pass the salt,” so-to-speak. It also features a nature-oriented centerpiece that provides additional privacy—but my favorite aspect of this ample table is all the reading material provided: the latest fashion and lifestyle magazines, as well as Australian papers like The Sydney Morning Herald and The Canberra Times are neatly organized for diners to enjoy. As one who often dines solo…and who happens to have a major addiction to periodicals…this is the icing on the cake.

The BIG table at Bill's in Darlinghurst.
The BIG table at Bill's in Darlinghurst.

That aside, the food was flavorful, creative, and the Coconut Bread was to die for. Bill Granger is not only an accomplished restaurateur, but a published author with several cookbooks under his belt. In the meantime if you’re so-inclined, here’s the recipe for Bill’s Coconut Bread. It does not disappoint!

After lunch, as I meandered back to the train station at Kings Cross, I passed by Blue Spinach, a designer consignment store. Please don’t let the awful Web site deter you if you ever find yourself in the vicinity. The shop itself is orderly, and thankfully, devoid of that second-hand-shop-smell. The items on consignment are indeed designer, but with designer consignment prices, so only plan on shopping when you’re cashed up. While the prices are rather high, most items are in nearly-new condition, so you’re still getting a deal.

While I was there, I spotted an adorable Burberry mini kilt for $330, some great Sass & Bide pants for around $165, Yves Saint Laurent heels, and a Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas messenger-style bag that was popular a few years back. I suppose that’s the best thing about this store, really. I spotted several items that enjoyed popularity in the last decade or so, that are no longer in production. So if you had your eye on something then that you missed out on, perhaps Blue Spinach will yield just the item you’ve always wanted.