I spend too much time on the Internet. Way too much. But my Internet travels always inform or inspire me somehow, so I suppose it is a vice of some value. Though I’m sure my husband would argue to the contrary.

Some of my usual haunts are The New York Times’ Fashion & Style section; my hometown paper’s site; other blogs; Grazia magazine’s site (though it’s never as good as the fantastic mag itself…more about that in another blog);; the Sydney Morning Herald. As an Internet consumer, I vacillate between the vacant and the virtuous—at least I am balanced.

Today between coats of Lincoln Park After Dark, I surfed and stumbled upon Leigh Lezark. I know very little about Leigh Lezark, except hat she falls into the brooding belle category, and I like that very much. Got me thinking of the quirky women out there I just love to see because they are unapologetically themselves. I almost wrote that I like these women because they refuse to change to be accepted, but that is wholly inaccurate. We have all changed (one hopes) in our lives. It takes some years to settle into our skin and recognize who we are, and none of us is without a fashion-skeleton-in-the-closet…the bad photo of some tragic fashion faux pas we made in our youth.

Anyway, this is my tribute to Leigh…hats off to her for coming into her own at such a young age. Oh, and if I ever do a big hair chop again, I’m going for the LL look all the way.




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