I originally thought Lady Gaga was basically much ado about nothing. I stand corrected. Yes, she is Top 40 pop. A bit saccharine vocally. Clad in fetish-wear or underwear most of the time. Hmm. Madonna already did that.


I have to admit that I have new-found respect for this girl. She’s into shock value which is exceedingly cliché for singers/musicians; but “disco stick” lyrics and crotch-grabbing antics aside, she is the first artist I’ve seen in a while that is compelling. And unlike Madge, the crotch-grabbing and provocation is slightly…appropriate? Gaga is in her 20s. Childless. Madge is 50, with kids and divorces, and her latest woman-fondling, boy-toy escapades are starting to stink of desperation. Anyway.

Props to Gaga for being quirky different. Kooky, eccentric sexy. For pushing the envelope in refreshing new way instead of implanted, highlighted, tanned, manufactured, and totally indistinguishable. And may I add, the video for Paparazzi is a masterpiece. The costumes, the concept. The whole disabled-robot-woman-on-crutches bit is pure genius.

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