Hello Kaufman Franco

Where the hell have I been? Under a rock? Does being Down Under count? Because I only just discovered the 2009 Fall/Winter collection by Kaufman Franco.

kaufTo my credit, Kaufman Franco has not been in existence for years and years and years. While many celebrities have been spotted on the red carpet in dashing Kaufman Franco designs, this line is still flying slightly under the radar. Though I don’t know why. The clothes are absolutely brilliant. I mean, I die.

Throughout my life, I’ve only ever loved bits and pieces of each designer’s new RTW collection. A skirt here, a pant there; a dress or a boot. I’ve never once spotted a collection and thought that I’d gladly wear any piece of if (or if I’d died and gone to heaven, that I could tell my “people” to order the whole loookbook). Til now.

For the first time, I am totally, wholeheartedly smitten by an entire collection. And I think that is due to the fact that for the first time, someone has designed an entire collection as if they had me in mind. It is totally my taste. And if you know me personally, I think you would agree that it is me. Black + Boots + Big Belts…yup, that’s my recipe!







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