At least a couple times a month I try to venture out of my ‘hood here in Oz to discover some new locale and perchance to experience a vibe more conducive to my personality.

Today, after some preliminary Web research, I threw on my most comfy towering heels and headed to the train station with one destination in mind: Castlereagh Street, home of Sydney’s high-end designer district.

After a rather annoying train ride in (the girl in the seat behind mine yammered on her phone nearly the whole way; my iPod couldn’t even drown her out), my jangled nerves were soothed by the mere sight of one of my favorite signs:

sbuxOh yes. Bucky’s, here I come! To you in the States, this may not seem like much. But Starbucks has not taken over the world down here, so I only get my fix when I’m in the city proper. It’s a huge treat when I get to have a Frappucino instead of a blended, second-rate attempt by one of the local coffee shops.

With my Mocha Frappucino Light in hand, I took a leisurely stroll through the QVB, David Jones, and Wittner, and eventually I found myself at the distinguished and stately Martin Place…where my eye caught GIORGIO ARMANI, then PRADA. I smell luxury! I thought.

Martin Place, Sydney.
Martin Place, Sydney.

I knew the crème de la crème of Sydney shopping is on Castlereagh Street, and that I was thisclose, but wasn’t quite sure which direction to go. No worries. I whipped out my iPod Touch, dialed up Mappity Sydney (brilliant, a full street map that is available offline), oriented myself, and realized that Castlereagh was the street at the other end of Martin Place, so off I went.

After a minute, I spotted Tiffany & Co. Ka-ching! We have arrived. Tiffany is never found anywhere but the most elegant postal codes. As I turned the corner onto Castlereagh Street, my hunch paid off. I was in the right section of Castlereagh, with Bulgari, Cartier, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton all within sight.

It’s a funny thing to want to go to shops that you know you won’t drop a dime in. While I have occasionally indulged myself at Gucci in the States, there is still a considerable amount of sticker shock one experiences. However, the thought of purchasing anything in Australia that can be procured in the U.S. is ludicrous. Sticker shock…hmph. Sticker shock is not what happens when I look at price tags here. It’s more like sticker snicker. Everything is just laughable because it’s all double! Gucci sunnies, like $700 USD! Out. Rage. Ous.

Despite the fact that I’ll never buy anything like that here when I can get it for half-price back home, I still needed to go and see the shops and their employees. It’s just the shopper in me. I need to be informed. In case. You just never know. The only things I’ve purchased here are from stores that don’t exist in the States, otherwise, I’m just a damn fool.

Louis Vuitton Spicy Sandal in Patent Leather
Louis Vuitton Spicy Sandal in Patent Leather

Anyway, while trolling the multi-floor Louis, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by these delightfully hideous, totally over-the-top stilettos. They were on a mannequin, shown with a short black shirtdress, I think, and black opaque tights. As a rule, I don’t like tights with sandals, but this outfit was so smashing I thought, to hell with that rule! Of course, $1,890 USD is quite steep. I can only fathom what they cost in AUD. Unless I one day become an employee of LV, I guess these babies will only live in my fantasies, cause I am not paying almost $2,000 for shoes when I know I’ll eventually get the stiletto stuck in a crack in the pavement and ruin them forever. My heart can’t take it. Just yesterday I stepped in a crack while wearing my lovely leather Cole Haan (Nike Air) booties and marred the heel (cause hubby always parks in the next universe and most of the parking lot was not lit). Needless to say, I was riled.

Anyway, here’s another shot of those shoes…not the classier look I saw in the store, but you get the drift.

Spicy indeed!
Spicy indeed!

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