The not-so-fun part about being an expat…

Missing your only niece’s second birthday. Missing your Dad’s birthday. Your Mom’s birthday. All those people you love, celebrating without you. You in your new country with one solitary friend and no family to celebrate life’s milestones.

Forgive the maudlin post. It’s just tough because right now I wish I were putting on my pink party hat, watching my adorable niece opening her presents, enjoying her Hello Kitty swag, her sparkly princess world. I am beyond frustrated with the loooooooooong, painful visa process here (six months, going on seven, still waiting for a decision). At this point, as I recently wrote to a friend, the irony is that I can’t wait for immigration to make a decision so I can go back home! You see, you can’t leave Oz while a decision is pending. And depending on the visa you came in on, you may not be able to work either. Such is my life at the moment. I would do just about anything to get a green light and be able to hop a plane tomorrow and be home, the only real home in my heart: North Carolina.

So Happy Birthday to L, to Dad.  Missing you all, wishing not that you were here, but that I were there.


  1. This is the hardest part I think of living in a faraway country, and we picked the furthest one! I was trying to think of a way I could get home to surprise my sister for her 40th, but it is just not possible. It makes my stomach turn to think of all we are missing, but I guess it is just the way it is. Hang in there!!!

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