Hair Apparent

I’m a long-hair girl.

It’s taken me years to confirm it, but I have. The last time I actually had short hair (shoulder-length) was roughly 1994 or 1995, I think. And shorter than that, uh, when I was like 15 and I shaved my own neckline, much to my mother’s dismay and horror. In between I’ve cut bangs, freaked, and grown them back out; tapered the front; attempted some highlights and strategically-placed blond streaks only to go back to my natural dark brown; and tried long layers, but never, never sacrificed length.

Last year, thinking I needed a change after more than a decade of almost waist-length hair (and afraid of being accused of being in a time warp),  I got a little courageous and had my hair cut to (for lack of a better form of measurement) to just above the breast. At first, I reveled in the “lift” and “volume” I had. And although my somewhat damaged ends really needed a big cut, after 24 hours I decided I would grow my hair back out; I just could not do it. My stumpy little pony and very average length made me feel, well…average. After a couple weeks, I seriously regretted taking so much off. While my long hair is not the ultrathick, glossy, gorgeous hair of an Asian, it’s still long and glossy, and I have received many compliments on it over the years.

Turns out the change wasn’t drastic and erroneous only for me. A former male co-worker/acquaintance was apparently devastated after he witnessed my truncated tresses. I heard through the grapevine at work that he was so disappointed, and I can only ascertain that his disappointment was largely due to the fact that not many women wear their hair that long and monochrome anymore. His fixation on my hair may sound slightly obsessive, but I assure you he is as normal and sweet as Southern iced tea. He’s just an everyday guy who happened to think my hair was fantastic! Can’t be insulted by that.

Our mutual dissatisfaction with my choice to chop only reinforced my original thought regarding my hair: above all else, it is my trademark. And because I tend to be a little eccentric, people don’t view my lack of color or style change as a vain attempt to freeze time. I think they see it they way I do…it’s just me. Somehow, though I’m closer to 40 than 30, the long, dark hair still works. By now I should have chopped my locks to a respectable, shoulder- or just-below-the-shoulder length. But it’s just not me. And as long as my hair looks halfway decent, I’m going to leverage the length as long as I can.

I’m happy to report that a year later, my hair is almost as long as it was prior to the day my temporary insanity took over. It’s about an inch or so from the crook of my elbow, and given that I won’t be getting a trim until I set foot in the States again, suffice it to say it will likely get back to where it was and then some.

In the meantime, I have discovered some smashing hair accessories (designed for big girls) at Mimco. I love, love, love the brand’s shiny black, Art Deco-inspired ornaments; so much that I felt compelled to share them with all of you. Ladies, whether your hair is a chin-length bob or a cascading crown of curls, there are some delightful and whimsical clips and combs at Mimco that would absolutely set you apart from the crowd. And P.S.: The company ships internationally!

Mimco Cicada Comb
Mimco Cicada Comb
Mimco Kaleidoscope Medium Alice Band
Mimco Kaleidoscope Alice Band

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