Flava Fave: Rosemount Pinot Noir

There is something (besides fighting) the Aussies do extraordinarily well. So well, in fact, it could be hazardous to my health (maybe).

Wine. Vino. Vin. 

Surprisingly, this stunning but often inhospitable country seems to be the Holy Grail of wine production. The Aussies’ cups runneth over, and let me tell you I’m always hovering, stem in hand, to catch the spill. Cause honey, the wine here (as I’ve mentioned before) is both cheap and brilliant. California, move over. Even if I never love Oz like I love home, I think the wine has forever won me over.

Now that the weather here in Sydney is crisp and I’m pulling out my wool and boots, the oenophile in me is craving luscious reds to complement heavier winter meals. And without central ducting in my older, refurbished building, it serves a second purpose: to warm me up on these cold winter nights. Truth be told, Sydney is never as cold as back home in the States. But when one is used to a year-round indoor temperature of 70-71 degrees, it is hard to adjust to the cold and heat you feel indoors here. 

pinotThat said, let me tell you what has been keeping yours truly warm of late: Rosemount Pinot Noir, 2007 vintage. That’s Rosemount as in Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. As in damn. Good. WINE! 

Now I didn’t become a fan because this is the same vineyard that sponsors one of the biggest fashion events of Australia. That’s just a happy coincidence that makes me love this label even more. I accidentally discovered this Pinot Noir because it was on sale at the local bottle-o. Imagine my surprise when I opened my $9.99 bottle and tasted exactly what this description touts:

An aroma of exotic spices and plums with subtle oak. The palate is fresh and lively with red apples and cherry fruits set against crisp acidity and well-structured tannins. The lingering aftertaste of wood smoke, cherries and plums are hallmarks of this classically elegant red wine variety.

Source:  gwine.com

This is a clear, smooth, almost too-easy-to-drink wine. Excellent with beef and lamb, excellent alone. And better yet, it can be obtained online and outside of Australia. Probably not for $9.99 a bottle in the U.S., but hey, after all the miles I’ve flown and the occasional pang of longing for my U.S. life, I’ve got to have something redeeming, don’t I?


    1. Excellent…$7.99 in Jersey. Wait. I probably should have anticipated that even exported Australian wine is cheaper in the U.S.!!!

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