AG = Absolutely Gorgeous

I’m having a lot of fun getting to know the fashion world down here…labels, houses, models, locations, scandals. Aussie fashion is really lovely, I must say. The higher-end stuff, that is. And I’ve only begun to scratch the surface; this is reconnaissance, my dears. I’m looking for the chink in the armor.

That said, I shall move on to my latest discovery: classy, subtle Arthur Galan designs. Sex on fire AG is not. More like naughty secretary. I love the billowing, romantic sleeves of his prim, very sheer, tie-at-the-neck blouses. The flowing fabrics with buttoned-up prim skirts. His womenswear introduces sexiness in the best possible way: subversively. Unexpectedly. In a look-twice-cause-was-that-a-lacy-brassiere-under-that-sheer-shirt-? way. 

ag1 ag2 ag3










And kudos to the house of AG for actually building a clean, functioning Web presence with simple navigation, optimized imagery, and Flash incorporated in the way it should be. Yeehaw!

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