Hot Aussie Hip-Hop

I totally can’t wait til the new Hilltop Hoods album drops on June 12. I’d download the song from iTunes, but given I have a U.S.-based account, I can’t (I don’t get why Apple restricts access to certain music to what country you’re in).

Anyway this is one of my new favorite songs, very catchy, I think…
Hilltop Hoods: Chase That Feeling


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  1. I have to click on that link, but I had to comment on your itunes issue – I have the SAME problem, received 2 itunes giftcards (from AU) and cannot redeem them until I change my acct to AU and I can’t do that until I get an AU credit card – ERRRR. WTF?

  2. WTF indeed. No fun.

    Tex…Lord, can’t even watch the video there. Are people not aware that we’re a global society these days?