In nearby Cronulla, there is exactly one women’s clothing boutique that actually stocks quality merchandise. There are about 10 others that sell the cheap, crap-made, synthetic trendy pieces all the cheap, crap, synthetic girls around here wear. OK, that was harsh. But true. 

The el cheapo places (think Rave and 5-7-9) go out of business on a regular basis because there are too many of them in the same shopping area. I’m not kidding when I say there are probably 10 within about a three-block stretch. I was just saying to my husband the other day that Cronulla, which just added some gorgeous floor-to-ceiling window-fronted retail (fully ducted, I might add) needs someone to open a sleek, edgy, CLASSY boutique or shoe store. There is money around here. But nothing that caters to that clientele. It’s all “surfie” s***.

Well. Imagine my glee when while in Cronulla the other day, I spot this:



A new shoe store about to open. Supercute. A store with style. With edge. With decor. With potential. 

I managed to get a peek inside before they papered up the door and saw mostly flats. I was disappointed until my eyes scanned upward and there, behold, on a top shelf was a mean-looking pair of black, platform stiletto booties…now we’re talkin’!

Can’t wait to see the full concept once it opens. Stay tuned.