Being the consummate consumer I am, it’s no surprise that I am easily influenced by advertisements and marketing. Done well, of course. Anytime there is a change of season in fashion, I find myself consumed by the magnificently orchestrated ads many top houses run in the fashion rags. While I wish I could be the woman who takes a Gucci tear-out, dials it up online and orders pronto, sadly my fashion wantoness and my wallet are not on the same page.

Despite that, I have figured out why I have basically abandoned proper book-reading for my conspicuous consumption of periodicals: I am fed by the visual as well as the verbal. Which somewhat explains the high I get from shopping, even when I’ve purchased nothing but a latte as I troll the mall.

Some are sated by the view of raw,  natural beauty; others by the gloriousness of the human body; yet others by paint on a canvas or the melody of a classical arrangement. While I appreciate much of the above, I have realized that what feeds me most, what calms the beast within, what invigorates and inspires me is the gloss and perfection of a high-end designer ad or a window display. It is not just about the product, you see. It is the persona projected. The potential. The complete, calculated, gorgeousness of it all.

That’s my long-winded way of introducing some ads and fashion photography that make me weak in the knees. For your viewing pleasure, some new ads and some oldies-but-goodies…

YSL circa Tom Ford era.
YSL circa Tom Ford era.
A personal fave, also YSL circa Tom Ford era.
A personal fave, also YSL circa Tom Ford era.
Jimmy Choo Fall/Winter 2008-2009
Jimmy Choo Web imagery.
Jimmy Choo Web imagery.


  1. The 2nd one is definitely YSL by Stefano Pilati. My YSL leopard scarf, because the way the tassels are done makes me suspect it’s from the Tom Ford era. It’s the only thing that makes me delay cutting them off since they are pretty annoying and limiting. I’m glad you got your Zac Posen skirt, I ended up having to get mine from ebay too after searching for it in 3 targets!

  2. Ah, I think you’re right about Pilati…I thought that was Ford’s last collection but casting my memory back, you are correct! I do love Pilati’s aesthetic as well, I must admit.

    Lord, honey, PLEASE do not mutilate a Ford creation! If it irks the hell out of you, let me buy it from you! I have a scarf with tassel trim of the same ilk, and I know it can be annoying, because it weights the ends down and virtually strangles you. But a strategically-place brooch can fix all that.

    Man, the Posen skirt is unbelievably flattering on the tushie! I’m sure you love yours. I will absolutely credit you when I shoot mine for the blog!

    Thanks for your comment!

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