Southern Australinglish

My Aussie mate and I regularly mimic each other’s accents, me usually very successfully, him, not quite so much. But he’s got “God dang” down pat (forgive me Lord!). I suppose that’s one of the things that makes us love each other…the fact that we sound different from the status quo.I love teasing him when he says “Austraya” (word to the Americans…no Aussie says “Au-stray-lia,” it’s more like “Au-stray-ya”), he regularly cracks up at my “ya’lls” and “Oh hayell no’s.” Just yesterday he tried his best to tell me that my pronunciation of Parramatta and Gunnamatta (local places) was incorrect. I say “Pair-uh-MOD-da,” as one from the South would, and he said, “No it’s ‘Pair-uh-MAH-tah.'” Right.

So we’re sitting in front of the TV the other day and he cracks on me about something. And he said that after a while here, I’ll probably start sounding like an Aussie, that I’d lose my accent. Oh HAYELL no! While it may simmer down a bit, I said I would not concede his point. What will happen instead is I will begin speaking Southern Australinglish. Which would go something like this:

  • “See ya’ll in the arvo!” (See you all in the afternoon!)
  • “Dang, that was HEAPS good!” (Dang, that was soooooooo good!)
  • “Ya’ll wanna meet for brekky?” (Do you all want to meet for breakfast?”
  • “Can I have a keeeeelo of ground beef please?” (Can I have a kilo of ground beef?)

Yeah, I ain’t goin’ out like that! I’ve already got him saying “duvet” instead of “doonah”…before it’s all done we’ll have our own crazy AussieSouthernAmericanSlang that no one understands but us.


  1. posted by Elsja
    Wed, 05/20/2009 – 6:09pm
    I love Australinglish!! I don’t even notice it sometimes but then my American friends point it out that I’m throwing Aussie words into my sentences!

    By the way… SOME aussies do pronounce Australia correctly. My boyfriend being one. It’s one of his pet peeves when people say Austraya

  2. Ugh, let me know how you got the doonah/duvet thing fixed because I can’t stand the word doonah. And I hear you on things like Parramatta. I stay in Melbourne a lot where they have the Yarra River, which I pronounce Ya-Ruh. Boy keeps correcting me that it’s Yeah-Rah. I can’t even say it that way without almost putting on a fake accent.