OTC Not the Same Overseas

In recent weeks, I’ve been shocked to learn that you can’t buy Alleve, aspirin, Pepto-Bismol, or TUMS-by-the-barrel in Oz. Apparently aspirin is such a dangerous blood-thinner that it is not sold at all. Hmmm. Do they realize in the States that simple aspirin is a lifesaver for many heart patients? Or that most of the population doesn’t have issues with their blood being overly thin?

Anyway, my closest Aussie had a nasty stomach virus the other day, which forced me to peruse the OTC aisles a little more closely. I did find one packet of TUMS, ginger ale, and 7-Up (and was chuffed as all get-out to see Mountain Dew in the Coles here…the Southern contribution to the ruination of man!). If only I could’ve found the Pepto, he would have felt better, sooner. But he’s popped TUMS for two days, and that made me feel like I managed to do something right, despite the dismal OTC aisle.


  1. posted by Anonymous
    Mon, 05/18/2009 – 8:50am
    yep we brought Aleve over from the states. stock up!!!

    Although, you don’t need a prescription in Greece for most anything. That is awesome. No doctor. – Tex

  2. posted by Elsja
    Mon, 05/18/2009 – 12:57am
    Do they really not have that stuff here? I hadn’t noticed (luckily since I haven’t needed it). Note to self: stock up next time I’m in the states!

  3. posted by Jenny@YellowBrickRoad
    Sun, 05/24/2009 – 2:01am
    What- you can’t buy aspirin here??? No pepto bismo?? I brought tons of cold medicine over with me but never thought about these basics (especially aspirin). Thanks for the heads up!

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