Retail Therapy

I promised you all a photo of the view from the food court at Westfield Bondi Junction, and I am failing to deliver. With good reason.

Wittner shoes...I love!

I went to Bondi the other day to pick up some shoes I had ordered, which I ended up not taking. Instead I bought a pair I originally tried on but thought wouldn’t work, though now I know they do, and I’m glad I chose them over suede booties that would eventually look worn out. The shoes I ended up picking up from Wittner (in photo) are perfect with leggings, pencil skirts, and the dress below. They are sandal/boot-ish…heavy, but not too. At least I don’t think so. And no major gap at the ankle, which is my problem with all the booties I have tried on in the last weeks. Just cannot get a close fit. They must cut them for cankles. But I digress.

Back to the topic at hand: why I didn’t deliver the photo.

I’m starting to have a bit of a love affair with Country Road, which I would say is like the Banana Republic of the States.


It is one of the few stores here that has well-made clothes, luxurious fabrics, and reasonable prices…on par with Banana. So anyway, not long after I arrive in Bondi, I stroll into CR (I’ve got to find an alternative to “Country Road,” cause that damn John Denver song pops in my head every time I think of the name!) and I see the ensemble pictured, minus the belt which I already had and added. I try on and O.M.G…fantabulous! I see myself walking through Sydney in this, gamine and coquettish. I don’t care what the price tag reads. I MUST HAVE IT!!! Problem is, the faux fur vest (which looks so cute and so Rachel Zoe with other things) is a perfect fit, but the dress is too short in the sleeves and tight across the back in a size 4, though the rest is perfect. OK, so maybe I need to back off the weights.

I was positive I didn’t see another dress in the store, and there seemed to be only one vest as well. I generally do NOT buy or wear outfits 100% the way a store displays them, but I just couldn’t help myself. So I approach the salesboy and ask, and he confirms that, yes, that’s it, there are no other sizes to be had. BUT, a couple stores in the city at Pitt Street and the QVB (Queen Vic Building) have the dress in other sizes.

“Pitt Street,” I say, “I have no idea where that is. But I know the QVB.” (OF course I do).

Salesboy says, “Oh, the QVB is very easy to find. Just take the train to Town Hall and follow the signs to the QVB.”

Country Road dress and vest.

I remember doing this once before…one train corridor snakes directly into the QVB…so I tell salesboy to wrap up the vest and tell the good folks down at the QVB CR to hold the dress. Cause I want this outfit and if there were ever a time in my life I needed retail therapy, it is now. Mentally, certainly not financially, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Plus, I wanted to prove to myself that I can go into Sydney proper alone, navigate that crazy ass subway system, and make it home without help.

So with that, my shopping trip at Bondi abruptly ended, sans photo. I hopped the train and made it to CR at the QVB. I love this store, with its windows that give full view of the bustle of Sydney’s streets. While there I also found a couple really gorgeous long merino cardis which I need since most of my winter wardrobe is in the States; I bought nothing black (yippee!); caught the train home without incident and now I can’t wait to wear my outfit somewhere!

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