I remember when…

I used to shop in outfits like this…four-inch platform sandals, cute, cute, cute!

OK, I know it’s Heidi Montag Pratt, but still.

Those were the days! Now I have to dress for (I can’t believe I’m writing it) comfort. I have a two-block walk to the train station on pavement that is varying degrees of even. Then I have a walk from the train station to my shopping destination that involves two massive escalators, more uneven pavement, and about the equivalent three blocks before I even start the shopping walk.

If I were smart, I’d just go in my Nike Navinas and training gear. This is when I just can’t DO IT. Shopping is about the only time I get to wear clothes you’re not meant to sweat in, so I relish the opportunity to look like a woman. But my shoes and my feet, dude, they are paying the price.

Enjoy your platforms, Heidi!


  1. posted by Anonymous
    Wed, 05/13/2009 – 6:16am
    hahaha! I am having the exact …. *opposite* problem. Everyone here dresses up all the time. I thought the Greeks in the US were bad – wearing fur coats and diamonds to the Greek Indepedance Day parade and shit like that.

    But here, I feel like I can’t even run to the grocery store without having some sort of euro-fabulous outfit on … which I wouldn’t usually complain about – I was sick of seeing slobs everywhere in chicago – but sometimes I just want to throw on a pair of track pants and run fast fast to the corner store for a stick of butter, you know?


  2. posted by V
    Wed, 05/13/2009 – 4:00pm
    T, I’ve got two words for your predicament: MASSIVE SUNGLASSES!

    One thing I’ve noticed here is that as soon as I open my mouth and my Southern American accent flows out, or I let a “ya’ll” slip (my Swedish/English friend here pointed it out to me once, she thought it was adorable…I totally forget people don’t say ya’ll here), they know I’m different on the outside and inside. Then suddenly they no longer expect the same type of interaction with me…it’s like having a wild card for any situation, being a foreigner.

    So I say to you, they KNOW you’re an Americana. No matter how divine your Athenian Greek is. They know cause we know how news travels very fast amongst Greeks. So work it sista! It’s like a free pass in virtually any situation. Start a dressing-down trend. Show them high-low at it’s best! Be you, and tell anyone who doesn’t like it that they can kiss your trackie-dack covered ass!

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