Shopping here sucks.

No, seriously. I went down to Westfield at Bondi Junction with money burning a hole in my pocket. I accomplished one thing: sushi and white wine at the David Jones Foodhall. That was nice. It was almost like being at Dean & Deluca. But after all those stores, all that stuff, and all that walking (and it’s a lot of walking to/from the train, plus “malls” down here are like labyrinths, they’re ridiculous…I walked out with zilch.

You wanna know why? Cause everything here is either offensively cheap in quality, or ridiculously expensive. I think knowing what I can get things for back home kills it a bit for me as well. There is very little mid-range stuff, like in the States. As much as I hate to say it, I miss Banana Republic. And Nordys. And Old Navy. And American Target. And damn, BELK…can you believe it? All these places actually offer appropriate quality according to the price. Unlike here. Where it is generally highway robbery and freakin’ pleather as far as the eye can see. Really, do they not have cows? OK. That was totally wrong.

There is just not much good stuff to be had down here, even with the excellent exchange rate. Shoes are generally crap quality unless they are high-end designer stuff. Accessories…forget it. There’s Mimco for bags, which is great quality but design-wise, leaves much to be desired (Please see this bag…worth $649AUD? I think not). Witchery is supercute but overpriced, Country Road nails quality and price, for the most part, but is very staid.

I couldn’t even score some booties, which was my main goal for the afternoon. Found two awesome pairs: one was sheer torture to wear, the other was adorable but there was too much gap in the ankle area. And for $169.95AUD, no can do, honey.

Alas…what’s a girl to do? Hmm. Maybe save my money for a big spree in the States instead!


  1. Posted by Anonymous
    Wed, 04/29/2009 – 4:56am
    the once a year u.s shoppnig sprees do help for sure … but keep looking … it takes a while to find the good places. I was feeling the same way you are now at first, but after some serious searching and asking around, I am thrilled to report that I finally found some very chic mid-priced affordable clothes, in a sea of pleather and spandex. – Tex

  2. posted by V
    Wed, 04/29/2009 – 3:17pm
    Ha! Will keep looking, that is for sure. The one thing I am dedicated to is shopping. I’m just limited by transportation, really.

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