Forgive me, but I need to bitch for a post. I’ve tried not to see everything here as the glass half-empty, but it’s pretty hard because the incompetence of this country tends to reverberate in every endeavor.

Like Internet installation, for example. It’s not enough that they mete out service in gigabytes. That most providers work on a two-year contract. Or that 20 gigs a month is $70+AUD. Or that dial-up is still an option (are we in 1995, for crying out loud?). Anyway, I call an ISP called Dodo Australia, schedule installation, wait two weeks and a day for the installation of my broadband service here (but they debited my account for the installation the day I called…that would never fly in the States. Two weeks? I could be dead by then.).

This service I opt for, ADSL2, is available with or without an existing phone line…and I don’t have a phone line, so I opted for the latter cause I don’t need one. I repeat: I ordered service that is available without a line. They schedule not one, but two appointments back-to-back for yesterday and today. They tell me I NEED TO BE HOME from 8:00am to 1:00pm both days. Yesterday, I waited, and no one showed. Of course. Today I get a text that my service has been activated. What I want to know is HOW, for Pete’s sake could they have activated service on a line WHEN I DON’T HAVE ONE?! I mistakenly assumed the service included jack installation if you don’t have an existing line. Stupid me. That would have made effing sense. They don’t ask if you have a jack when you sign up. They ask if you have an existing phone number. In their haste to get my money, they forgot to ask for that critical piece of information. If I want to continue, I’m supposed to hire a separate electrician to install a jack.

So I call to cancel my service and get my installation fee refunded. I get some guy on the phone who REFUSES to refund my money. $198.99 for installation that couldn’t happen because THEY didn’t ask me the correct questions when they signed me up. I proceed to get into a screaming match with some foreign moron on the phone who tells me I SHOULD HAVE ASKED IF I NEEDED TO HAVE AN EXISTING JACK. And they’re the professionals, right? Dodos, indeed.


  1. OMG. For some reason your post sprang to mind this morning wherein I have been through two evolutions of utter frustration and futility in trying to acquire a working internet and cheap long distance voip phone. The first one through iinet worked perfectly but then stopped working. And so, after purchasing the latter we have given up and are now renting a spiffy new handset/modem that suddenly last week has also stopped working for no apparent logical reason. Then the remote technician inferred that I now need to download firefox to make it work again. Like what? Why…it was fine the last year with Safari. And of course that did nothing. And now I’m told that even though we are renting a handset I need to go out and buy an old fashioned handset and plug it in to the handset/modem I’m renting. Like, really? So I’m renting a phone from your company and you are telling me to go and BUY an old fashioned handset to make the other handset workable? Breathtaking incompetence absolutely rules the day here.

    1. OMG, I feel you. I hate to say it but Oz and technology…not the best mix. And the customer service! So sorry, hon. Hope you can get up and running without too much more drama.