Southern Hemisphere Fashion Perk

I’ve discovered one good thing about being upside down and off-season in relation to the rest of the (fashion) world. While my good friends back home are rushing to schedule their pedis and are gleefully sporting sexy platform sandals and lighter frocks, Down Unda we’re breaking out the boots and leggings. (Remind me to come back to leggings another day…they deserve an entire post, trust me on that.)

The great thing about being off-season here is that our current season, Fall/Winter 2009, actually coincides with the (primary) Northern Hemisphere’s release of the “next season’s” looks and trends. In other words, for the first time ever, I can actually be inspired by the current season’s RTW shows in the actual season I am in! Finally! There’s nothing worse than reading fashion mags full of wooly sweaters, fur, and boots…in August…the HEAT of the summer in the Northern Hemisphere. For once, I can check out the trends for Fall and put my own looks together in the same month.

For the non-fashionista, this is what I’m saying in plain English: Fashion is always a season ahead. This gives designers time to produce their lines, and allows store buyers to order stock and prep retail spaces in time for the next season. But consumers end up being fed styles and looks waaaaay ahead of when they will actually be able to wear them. The downside of this is fashion amnesia, but the upside is pre-season sales cause no one wants to buy 100% merino wool when they’re sweating their asses off in prime summer heat. Right now, in the States, you’re in Spring going into Summer. In Oz, we’re in Fall going into Winter…and the latest round of fashion shows are for Fall/Winter 2009 (intended for release in August/September, in the U.S., but applicable RIGHT NOW in Oz). Get it?

Shown above, Gucci, Fall/Winter 2009

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