Rule Breaker

I’ve always been one, much to my mother’s dismay. But I don’t believe in breaking all the rules. I’m not a rebel for simply for the sake of it.

I believe in following the rules of etiquette because they are what distinguish us from animals, and order and civility is good. However, in some instances, curfews, speed limits, and fashion rules are meant to be broken. I’m glad that in my lifetime, I’ve had the good fortune to witness the latter, though I must admit that very often, the pendulum swings too far to the other side.

Remember when we (in the Northern Hemisphere) were told to put away our linen and white from Labor Day to Memorial Day? When wearing sleeveless shirts and open-toed shoes to the office was a no-no? When we never would have dreamt of ditching pantyhose and going bare-legged to church? When women over 35 simultaneously stopped showing their arms and wearing minis, and cut their hair to a respectable shoulder length?

Thank God those rules are a thing of the past. As women, we’re older, wiser, and hell yeah, in better shape than ever! So while we must still practice some fashion prudence (don’t wear your white linen in the dead of winter, but rock the white leather tote and white jeans all year long!), we can feel comfortable applying rules on a case-by-case basis. If your arms giggle more than your ass, maybe consider a short sleeve instead of none at all. When your hair is in fantastic shape, why not wear it past the shoulders?

When you’re pushing 40 or well past and you’re confident or look like this, I say do what you like:

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