Why am I always drawn to the (practically) impossible?

BCBG Spring Catalog. The whole thing is magnifique, but it’s the “Diva” shoes on Page 57 that have gripped my eccentric fashionista soul. Here they are on a model:

I know, I know. They are precariously high. They are crazy looking, borderline ugly, if I do say so myself. They are so not conducive to walking around Cronulla, NSW, or anywhere in NSW for that matter. But I loooooooooooooooooooove them. Love, love, love that they are bizarre and different. Love that shockingly bright heel with that drab gray.

There’s nothing wrong with loving the look of a particular pair of shoes, right?


Here’s why: this pair is one of BCBG’s most expensive at $295. Sheesh. They are also UNAVAILABLE on the store’s Web site (in stores only), though every other bloody thing can be obtained online. I guess I could take myself to the local store and see if they have them, but I’m afraid they’ll be so smashing that I might actually buy them instead of hoarding funds for international plane fares. I suppose their inaccessibility is God’s way of putting the kibosh on my need for one more pair of shoes.