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So last post was about Tracy Anderson and her approach to fitness. Yes, she’s training Madonna and Gwynnie.

Madonna, as we all know, has been shredded for years, and although she claimed for a time that her physique was all due to Ashtanga yoga and that she’d quit weights, I know better. She might have quit weights for a bit, yes. After she had already ripped up to a spectacular degree, she might have maintained some of it through yoga. But I know having practiced yoga and having been dedicated to serious weight-lifting for years now, that yoga alone does not sculpt a body like Madonna’s. Maybe guys, with their predisposition for musculature, can maintain cuts like that on yoga alone. But women are built differently. It takes YEARS of serious weights to get muscles like Madge’s. I don’t care how many inversions, Chaturangas, and the like you do…you may tone up or lean out, but you will not have bulging biceps and chiseled shoulders. If that were the case, all our lovely yoginis would be walking around equally as shredded.

Anyway, I digress. My point in mentioning Madge is that it’s not her bod that got my attention. Like Madonna, I’m constantly looking to switch things up in the exercise department, out of boredom, if nothing else. Her trainers, regimes, and programs change pretty rapidly, while her body stays about the same: perfect. It’s this photo that got my attention:

You see, when I saw this photo I thought, Holy crap! Look at Gwyneth’s legs! The quads! What has she done? Those are beautiful, long, dancer-like legs. Wow, Gwyn’s looking good!

Then it just so happened that someone sent me a link to Gwyn’s newsletter/site, GOOP (which is very cool, FYI). So in checking out the site, I stumbled upon Tracy Anderson and a special little iPod snippet she did for Gwyneth, who graciously decided to share it with the rest of the world:

Tracy’s iPod clip for Gwyneth

I downloaded that sequence to my iPod and did one set of 20 reps for each move and it actually got me sweating. I can only imagine two sets of 20 or a single set of 50, as Tracy advised. The moves, though simple, get in there and BURN.

So I’ve been studying Tracy’s stuff (as much as I can get my hands on since here DVDs aren’t yet available in Oz), and I’m impressed. What she’s advocating is definitely low-impact, yet it gets the cardio up and the sweat going. I’m loving mixing her stuff into my workouts these days. I could totally see incorporating some of it into a Power Vinyasa sequence, or in with weights, or even dance warm ups. I love that you don’t need any props or equipment, and that you can throw moves in with or without ankle weights or dumbbells, in between weight-bearing sets, or alone. I think Tracy is about to explode on the American scene, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I’m off to the gym to put all this info to good use!

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