The Sweet Escape

What’s a girl to do when she feels a little blue? Dream, I tell you. And here’s what I’m dreaming about:

Starbucks. Wherefore art thou, Starbucks? I do miss you. I miss those venti lattes. I miss Frappucinos. I miss adult/American-sized portions. If I want a coffee the size of the Eiffel Tower, please just make it available, OK?!

Nordstom.Ohhhhhhh, how I miss Nordy’s shoe department! How I miss the denim department!How I miss the handbags and accessories! Now that flares are back, I so want those fab flared 7’s…but at American prices.

Harris Teeter. And to think I used to hate going to the grocery store. I miss HT, where you can get non-hydrogenated peanut butter, fifteen different kinds of sliced turkey breast, and nothin‘ but American mayo. HT, where food is in ounces and pounds, where paper bags still exist, AND you can a Starbucks in store. Dude, that is service.

Target. There’s no place like the Ballantyne Targets. CDs for $12.99. Shampoo, conditioner, makeup, linens, clothes, treats, office supplies, DVDs, appliances, TVs, hardware, tools, kitchenware…everything one could possibly need is in one of those Targets. I am having Target withdrawals, cause what they call Target here ain’t what we know as Target there.

Charlotte. Sparkling, bright, modern Charlotte. Where medians and curbside greenery are manicured and there isn’t graffiti on every fence, wall, and tree. Where the air is crisp and backyards aren’t littered with clotheslines and undergarments flapping in the breeze. Where people actually wear shoes and shirts. Oh Charlotte, how I miss thee!

To sleep, perchance to dream…

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  1. Ha! Oh lordy, V!
    In 2002 I visited Bondi and Sydney for 4 days and 3 nights, before taking the Indian Pacific (a journey well debriefed in Bill Bryson book ‘In a Sunburned Country…” ) across Oz to Perth. By day three I had gone without a brewed cup of coffee and was nearly ropeable. Like a beacon in the night I came across what must have been Sydney’s one and only Starbucks. It was eerily empty! I ordered TWO Venti coffees. Guzzled one back and one to spare on my long walk back to the Swiss Bondi. Apparently they had 800+ stores in Oz at one point, and have closed almost 700 of them. (Where are those other 100! Must find them and patronize.) And I hear that on the Target. I discovered a far flung K Mart (yeah, say what!) that came sort of close to filling that gap but it was kind of sad and creepy and smelled of lead paint and plastic…. *sigh*…. And what self-respecting K Mart is without a blue light special?

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