Aussie Bargain: Maccas Soft Serve

It’s pricey here, there is no doubt about that. As I have blogged before, nearly everything is double the price of the U.S., across the board. That said, there is one steal of a deal that still baffles me every time I’m in the drive-thru and see it on the menu.

Yes, I wrote drive-thru. As in McDonald’s drive-thru. Unfortunately, my beloved has an affinity for Maccas, as they call it down here. So I do occasionally find myself as a passenger passing through the McDonald’s drive-thru. (But really, honestly, who doesn’t love McDonald’s? Despite Supersize Me, crap ingredients, preservatives, and pimply teenagers serving it, we all still crave and indulge in the occasional Mickey D’s fix, non?)

Anyway, my husband has introduced me to the 30-cent McDonald’s vanilla soft serve cone. I’m dead serious. 30 cents! What can anyone buy with 30 cents these days? Not even a pack of gum! But in the Land of Everything Costs Double, you can indeed get a 30-cent ice cream cone, grand total of 60 cents for two since tax is included in purchases down here. Go figure.

While said soft serve may be child-sized (and that’s the only size available because McDonald’s portions are smaller in Oz), it’s the perfect cheap, sweet hit, and you don’t have to feel guilty because the splurge is around 150 calories. Not much more than a big banana. Sure it ain’t a banana, but sometimes we all need to feel like we’re breaking the rules.

Dude, I’m sooooolovin‘ it!


  1. OMG. So true! I bought a rock, aka Honeydew Melon for $10!!! That’s cray! And I know what you mean. My hubby loves maccas. I’m quietly revolted in the passenger seat if anything else ordered but a coffee or a cone. But true, so true!!

    Alright. I’ll admit it: I wish they would bring back the pizza and I have a soft spot for that pancake and sausage brekky-thingy served in the yellow styrofoam tray from my childhood! : -P

    1. It’s the little things sometimes, right?! I don’t support Maccas anymore in the States, but I did love the soft-serve cones. 😉