I’m curious about something I noticed here the other day. I went to see Australia, the movie (go see it…don’t believe the critics!), and sat through the requisite commercials and previews prior to the movie.

Currently in Oz, there is a massive TV/print marketing campaign aimed at teens and binge drinking, driving while intoxicated, fighting while intoxicated, etc: (Don’t Turn a Night Out into a Nightmare). See, here, the legal drinking age is 18. And we all know the rep Aussies have for partying and punch ups, hence the massive campaign to tell the kiddies to tone it down.


Despite taxing the holy hell out of booze and all the graphic commercials, drinking to the point of disturbia is prolific. You’d think they’d at least look at raising the legal drinking age to 21, but hey, far be it from me to point out the obvious.

Oops, wait, I just did.

So while I’m on my soap box, let me tell you what a stupendous contradiction in terms it is to run anti-binge drinking commercials before a movie, then not two commercials later, advertise rum, or some other alcoholic beverage. I know I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but wouldn’t it make sense for the government to not only raise the drinking age, but to put the smackdown on alcohol ads if they’re going to run ads to try to prevent people from drinking?

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