I’ve become acquainted with a new initialism down here in Oz, and I must admit that it makes my heart sing every time I see it: BYO.

BYO, my American friends, stands for Bring Your Own. As in wine. With no corkage fee. Like, everywhere. It’s the greatest thing because Aussies have absolutely nailed wine production, and they have varieties of vino that we’ve never had the good fortune to sample in the United States. We definitely get robbed when it comes to buying liquor, but the wine is good, plentiful, and very cost-effective. 

So, for example, the other night C and I walk up to our little town to celebrate his birthday at a fantastic Thai restaurant. We hit the bottle shop (the liquor/wine store), grab a nice bubbly Crouchen and Riesling, roll up to the restaurant, hand said bottle over for refrigeration, and enjoy a leisurely dinner on the patio on a perfect summer night—accompanied by a bottle of wine at the bargain price of $16.99. Dude, it does not get better than that!

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