It never takes long…

for a fashionista to get her bearings in a new place. We have an inherent ability to sniff out local trends and shopping meccas the same way those little Beagles sniff out ganga at the airport. So here is a first report on my findings in Aussieland.

I must admit that I haven’t even begun to fully partake of the undoubtedly fine shopping in Sydney proper, though I have been to the revamped Myer Sydney City (like Belk on steroids), and was in utter glee when I discovered the lingerie section was an entire floor. Victoria’s bras they ain’t, but there were certainly plenty of other lacy confections to keep my mind and wallet well occupied.

There is actually another Victoria that has been on my mind lately: Queen Victoria. As in the famed Queen Victoria Building, or QVB. The beautiful and historic QVB houses mostly high-end stores, but also has many mid-range stores. I will give you a full update on that as soon as I get there.

Locally, a couple suburbs away is the Miranda Westfieldshoppingtown” (aka MALL!). It’s pretty good…there are a lot of very intriguing Aussie stores and brands I’m not familiar with (Veronika Maine, Witchery)—but I plan to investigate further, trust me on that. There are, of course, also many stores offering up the latest trends in putrid pleather and polyester, but amidst the stench of plastic shoes, I did find a lovely little treasure: Wittner (Zoe Wittner shoes).

Although Wittner is a slightly more expensive line (and I am supposed to be on a budget), I am chuffed to know I now have a range of avantgarde, well-made shoes available should the urge—or occasion—strike me.

I’ve been pretty good about not shopping while I’ve been here, but I could not resist these shoes, once I tried them on. They. Are. Hot. And C agreed.

Kind of gladiator but not so strapped up and heavy looking (and by the way, the gladiator look is as huge here as it was in the States last summer). Kind of wedge, but sexier, not blockier. Plus the combination of patent and black leather—dude, you had me at patent.

Anyway, so that’s “what’s on” here, as they say. Everything you saw trendwise in the States last summer—skinny skinny jeans, gladiator flats and heels, tunics and shifts, metallics—it’s all alive and well here for the Australian summer.

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