Greetings from Oz

Hello friends!

Just a quick note to say g’day and let you all know that I arrived at my destination Down Under with no problems. Am having a lovely time noticing all the differences here and have only had one Bush-basher in my face so far, so I suppose that is pretty good, though I nearly strangled the little f***er.

It’s funny, I was trying to explain this phenomenon to my Aussie friend (that when traveling internationally, as soon as others get wind that you’re an American, they immediately tell you what they think about YOUR government), and I’m not quite sure he fully believed me. But then he got the opportunity to witness this first-hand when at the tail end of a dinner out last night, the restaurant owner decided to enlighten me about his perspective of George W., how he’d love to see Hilary win, and although twice I responded with “I don’t discuss politics,” he still managed to mention Obama as well too.

Aside from that jackass, the Aussies are lovely people. Though I can’t bloody understand what half of them are saying!

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