Mmmmm…The Windy City is Yummy

First night in Chicago…well, on the outskirts…and I can tell you that it already agrees with my palate. I’m here on business, but it’s a well-known fact that when I travel, it is. All. About. Food. New restaurants, new concepts, new flavors.

On that note, I had a lightly blackened Halibut tonight that not only exceeded my expectations, it set a record. It was accompanied by roasted, brown-sugar-and-butter-glazed carrots that were practically like dessert. But not. So I ordered a French White Chocolate Bread Pudding that I dare say rivaled Ruth’s Chris’ concoction. This bread pudding was moist, delectable, and browned with both sugar and salt…yin and yang. Extraordinary. The icing on the cake was a lovely, dark Kir Royale based on a very high-quality Champagne…let’s just say someone else’s gluttony and an exceedingly cordial bartender were my gain.

So how am I liking The Windy City? Lovely. Lovely, indeed.

PS: Just so you know, was a good girl before indulging. I lucked out because my hotel is half-a-block from a phenomenal gym, so I hit the weights before dinner and will be cardio-ing and lifting every day to accomodate my insatiable appetite! Hey, it’s only fair. My hotel is what I would term “ghetto,” but unfortunately that is beyond my control. God works in mysterious ways.