Sometimes You're in the Right Place at the Right Time

Like tonight. 10:00pm sharp. Happened to see a link to a live Webcast of Madonna performing tracks from her new album, Hard Candy, on MSN. Damn she rocked it for 40 minutes!

The show, which took place in New York (lucky f*ckers) opened with a banginperfomance of Candy Shop, which transitioned into Miles Away, and then Justin Timberlake himself joined Madge to perform a HOT version of 4 minutes. If anyone can sit still through this, they’re either comatose or deaf, it rocked so damn hard. Might I add that J.T. looked like he’d been Madonnafied, as he was sporting black jeans tucked into combat bootsgrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Now that’s a Justin I’ve not seen before, and you know my inner Goth girl’s heart skips a beat whenever she sees those.

From there, Madonna performed a metal-ish, sexed up Hung Up from her Confessions album, complete with the requisite F-bombs. Guess she’s moved on from the disco ball, but then, isn’t that what she does best? She actually played electric guitar, and confirmed in my mind and heart that she is the hottest, baddest bitch around.

After Hung Up was Give It 2 Me, also from Hard Candy, then Madge closed out with Music, some great old-school dance moves, plus some Madonna originals. You can love her or you can hate her, but you can’t dispute that she’s still got it.

Check it out:

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