4 Minutes…Perfect Timing

Lord have mercy. Just got a sneak peek at Madge’s new video for “4 Minutes,” and it looks awesome. She looks awesome…check it out:

OK, I’m Madonna obsessed, that is obvious. But the woman is 50 and look at the bod!!!! I swear she just keeps getting better looking. I need to know exactly what she’s putting into that face of hers, and what she’s doing in the gym because daaaaaaaang, people, girlfriend is fine!

I’m so glad to have seen this video, ’cause I’ve been very slack in the workout department lately, and even worse in the food/alcohol departments. So between Madge’s vid and picking it up with my trainer again, I’m back on track starting tomorrow. Back to hitting it hardcore, back to yoga next week, and hopefully back to my pre-December 26, 2007 body.

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  1. This might give you a hint ….

    “I’m not against plastic surgery, I’m just against discussing it.” – Madge, May’s U.K. issue of Elle magazine

    : )

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