A Mother’s Wisdom

Saturday. Mom and I are headed into Target.

We’re about to cross the driveway to get to the door, but there is a car approaching that looks like it isn’t going to stop to allow us to cross. So we stop on the periphery to wait and see what’s going to happen.

The car continues rolling toward us, and eventually right past us. I get a good look at the driver, and it’s some old guy and his wife out on a Saturday mission to mow anyone down that gets in the way.

Incredulous, as we finally cross I say to my mom, “So much for pedestrian right of way. Damn old duffer.”

“Oh,” she responds, “they had to go before they DIE!”

Now how could I possibly be a reverent angel when my mom’s got a wicked good snarky streak like that?

Mother always knows best.

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