Madonna’s Hard Candy…

is due to drop April 29th, and I can’t wait!

I’ve always been a Madge-o-phile, through the good times and bad. Sure, Madonna has never been a posterchild for morality, even after her two seconds of maternal do-gooding kicked in. Let he who hath not sinned, right? The woman is intrepid to say the least. And scary as f***, even at 5’4″. She’s got balls to spare and I’ve really not met a song of hers I didn’t like. At minimum, you have to admire her fearlessness and refusal to be anything but herself.

Frankly, I prefer the hardass Madonna myself. Mummy Madonna is a bit unbelievable, despite the fact that she did indeed pop two kids out herself. I imagine there is a tenderness and a maternal fierceness Madonna never shows the rest of the world. I liken her personality to mine in that sense. I’m definitely not the Mommy type, but I am pretty good with my niece and nephew. I’m not gushing and super-nurturing—I’m a bit more of the “big boys don’t cry” ilk, but I’m no Mommy Dearest either. I think.

Anyway, I’m hearing that Hard Candy includes
partnerships/compilations with Pharrell, Timbaland, and Justin Timberlake. How can she possibly go wrong with those guys on board? As good as Confessions on a Dance Floor is, I have no doubt this album will be even better. Madge is back, so-to-speak.

And whether she’s Botoxed, Restylaned, pulled, pinned, whatever—it doesn’t matter. Say what you want. Between the gym, yoga, and the botulinum toxin, she is looking HOT.

I hope like hell I can look half that good when I’m pushing 50. There is no better body on a woman. Still.

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  1. She can’t go wrong…she is Madonna! She doesn’t need any partnerships…she is Madonna! EVERYTHING she does is COOL! She has lived (and is still living) the life we ALL aspire to live – all at the right time, too! H GYNAIKA EINAI THEA! PURE GODDESS! Body and all!

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