Practical, Schmactical

Tex, I’m using you as a reference again. Please keep commenting because you help keep the blog stuffed and fluffed on days when a topic is not close at hand.

Tex commented on the impracticality of foldover clutches for day. Clutches in general are impractical for the gal who feels naked without her digital camera, BlackBerry, compact, two glosses, keys, Montblanc pen, and Spyderco knife. I won’t even mention the other weaponry that doesn’t fit in a clutch. In the same breath, Tex acknowledged that she’s never been one to worry about practicality, and I second this, as I am of the same ilk (perhaps Tex and I were accidentally separated at birth?).

Practicality and high fashion really do not mix.

There is absolutely nothing practical about the six-inch black patent platform stilettos I bought a few weeks ago. But they look hot. Especially when accompanied by some Agent Provocateur. This actually applies to most of my shoes, and stilettos in general. Tex and I do not wear them cause they are practical. Our feet may be crying out for mercy but you’ll never see it on our fashionista (poker) faces. Because they look good. And in turn, our legs look good.

I really hate clutches. They’re awful for a night out dancing. As per my list above, I can never fit all my necessities in them. With no strap, they have to stay stuck in your armpit (blech), sit on the bar with your martini, rest on the floor (double blech), or behind your bum in a seat. They suck, really. BUT, they are appropriate for evening. And they look good.

Chandelier earrings. They get caught in your hair. They get caught on your fingers when you hair-flip. They do a hell of a number on your earlobes if you wear them too often. But they look good.

I think I’ve made my point. Thus, I am with Tex. Who cares about practicality, as long as…you got it…it looks good.

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