Bush is best?

I have to admit that I am a bit surprised by the results of the survey I posted regarding Brazilian bikini waxes/shaves/what-have-you.

Though I am relieved that there are more of us in favor of distancing ourselves from the cavewoman aesthetic, I’m shocked that anyone would think bush is best. BUSH is BEST? Dude, I have some seen some naughty, bush-baring photos that make my skin crawl! There could be an entire village of God knows what living in there! But aside from that, how does girlfriend get all that wooliness into a bikini? Or does she ever?

Yes, at minimum, you can be sure we ponder the serious stuff here at Grit and Glamour. Honestly, though, isn’t this far more interesting then speculating about an election that isn’t slated to happen for months?

Hmmm. No, I could make this political. Easy. Let’s see, I wonder what coiffure Ms. McCain, Ms. Obama, and ol‘ Hilary are rocking? Bet sexy Cindy has a penchance for South American countries. Ms. O, who knows. I’d lay odds that Hil is a bush girl through-and-through, but let’s just leave the Bushes out of this discussion entirely.