Yes, you're in the right place!

I’ve been looking at adopting a new template for a while, and it’s been difficult finding something because:

a) The Blogger templates kind of suck, and
b) I’m not a coder.

However…I know enough Photoshop and HTML to be dangerous, so I managed to massage this template to the point that it suited me. There are some issues and some things I still don’t like, but I may work on those at some point in the future.

I like the new template, and certainly think it is more “me,” or at least me for today. It did screw up the alignment of all my past posts, but that’s life, I suppose. Hope you like it…will you please give me your feedback using the poll on the right? I’m curious to know what you all think.

Your intrepid blogster, V.


  1. It looks…cliche. No offense, V, but..yech. I mean, big glittery chandalier? Come on. And all that pink..I thought you and I were on the same level with black! 🙂 whatever floats your boat dude.