I'm currently obsessed with…Etro and platforms…

Etro, Spring 2008 RTW. Kinda boho-mod-punk. Kinda I like. I’m loving the maxi dresses, the crazy prints, the summer scarves. And the best part is seeing all those flowy, flimsy dresses with some serious platforms to keep those urban hippies from floating off into space.

Some faves:

Photos by Marcio Madeira

Now I’ll admit that I will likely never have any of this season’s fabulous frocks. But I’m sure I can find a boho print or two elsewhere, and platforms aplenty. I’ll also admit that from the number of posts related to shoes, I now know where all my discretionary income goes.

That said, I’m bordering on having withdrawals just from seeing these, let alone actually wearing them (I think I can sleep in platforms)…definitely next on the shopping list:

Another realization, ’cause I’m feeling really deep tonight: there is a pattern developing here: apparently I am gladiator/Grecian sandal obsessed. I suppose when it’s in your DNA, there’s no point in trying to fight it. I did end up picking up Battle from my Shoes for the Black Magic Woman post. They are fantastic on. More versatile than I expected. And of course, they have Greek Gladiator Goddess written all over them. Meeee-owwwwwww….

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