Shoes for the Black Magic Woman…

from the man who apparently knows exactly what every Black Magic Woman needs: STILETTOS!

Now I have no idea to what degree musician extraordinaire Carlos Santana is involved in the conceptualization of these shoes, but if he is the eye, he is indeed a talented man. ‘Cause the majority of his Carlos by Carlos Santana shoes have sexy written all over them. And not only are these shoes hot and very affordable, a portion of proceeds from sales goes to his Milagro Foundation to help underpriveledged children about the world. So ladies, buy without guilt!

Here are a few pairs I’ve got my eyes on:


A wild pair, admittedly. But imagine them with a white eyelet minidress…they’re the perfect antidote to super sweet! Or picture them with a skinny black skirt and form-fitting top.

I just love the yellow…these shoes are a wonderful way to break up all the black in my closet.


First, in keeping with my Greek heritage, a specatular gladiator-look sandal with a 3 3/4-inch heel . This pair is even more gorgeous in real life, and I know, because I’ve tried them on. They come in this lovely champagne metallic leather, plus several brown shades and black as well.

How do I love thee, Battle? Mmmm…let me count the ways…


Chocolately goodness with gold accents…these are going to be perfect with a khaki shirtdress or khaki short-shorts. Think urban safari: big gold hoops, wooden bangles. Spray-tan-kissed skin. Dining alfresco with your favorite guy.

Hmph. Is it summertime yet?

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  1. i bought a pair once that i fell in love with at the store, but they killed my feet and had absolutely no support. took them back. On the other hand, the Jessica simpson shoes i bought in their place has lasted my feet for …ever.

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