Even if I wanted to escape it…

the pregnancy/baby topic, that is, I couldn’t. Everywhere I look, everywhere I turn, there it is, and there they are (babies, baby bumps). Today, I got adorable (and welcome) photos of my best friend’s son in his Halloween costume. Then, unsolicited, I get my cousin’s kid in her costume as well. Then (and hell, this is all I have left to occupy me with no man and no lovin‘…) people.com is jam-packed daily with headlines about who’s pregnant, who’s giving birth, who’s maternity clothes are fab, who’s worried about baby weight.

Just this week, here are some of the headlines…people.com has even listed “Babies” as a Top 10 topic:

Dude, is someone trying to tell me something? Is it just me, or have there never been more baby stories in the gossip world, ever?

And oh yeah, P.S., I’m going to a baby shower on Saturday! I’m beginning to think there’s something in the air or water in this country. Or is this hyperawareness of pregnancy/babies what they call, shall we say, the clock ticking? Oh f***. Well, that IS the way to get one. I’m doomed.

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