Time to Stop Snoozing

Damn, I love Dolly. She’s like a trainer, a shrink, a spiritual guide, a mom, and your best friend all rolled into one yoga-rific package. She is the only person I will drag my a** out of bed for at 4:45am. And here’s why:

At yoga this morning Dolly started off by asking who hit their snooze button. I, of course, raised my hand since I am incapable of waking up without at least one snooze (it’s a mental thing). Her point in bringing up snoozing was to illustrate that snoozing is nothing more than procrastination. Procrastinating waking up. She also pointed out that on our mats and in life, we probably hit the snooze button a lot more often, and for much longer than we may be aware. We put off asanas, situations, or decisions that are uncomfortable in the short term, and before we know it, we’ve arrived in the long-term. We’ve hit the snooze button for years. Procrastinated ourselves into the same boring reality, only years later.

This sutra really hit home for me, because I’ve been snoozing for several years now. Good thing is that I believe I’ve finally woken up. It’s been a year-long process, really, but I am getting there. Dolly’s sutra was so well-timed for me (but again, most sutras/yoga will have relevance on any given day of your life), because lately I’ve been asking myself what am I willing to sacrifice for real love, real happiness? I have realized that where I am today is to my credit, and also my fault. I spent years being pretty set in my ways and pretty self-absorbed, not that I’ve overcome that last one yet. Working on it. But I have an acute awareness now that I’m going to have to sacrifice something, or many things, for my future happiness.

What I know is that you can’t have your cake and eat it too, you really can’t. Look a little more closely at anyone who appears to be doing this and you will find a trade-off of some sort. Hey, Melania’s got The Donald and the money and the life, and…The Donald. In bed. Eww. Yes, there are trade-offs.

Anyway, I’ve arrived at the point in my life where I’m finally willing to take a risk. The only risk I can ever recall having taken in my life was skydiving on my 30th birthday, and even that decision wasn’t fully of my own accord. And I think that’s half the battle, being cognizant. Participating fully in your life and being willing to take the risk.

So it’s time. I’m ready and willing. I’m going to make the tough decisions and not snooze through the rest of my life. When I was 15, I was rebellious, outspoken, and fearless. (OK, so we all were!) But that girl was me without the adult responsibilities, the bills, etc. She was free and unbridled. She had a whole life ahead of her. And she still does.