I’m a geek. It’s official.

Last night as I got into bed and looked over at my nightstand, I had a realization. On my nightstand were: my mobile phone, my new BlackBerry Curve, my Skype phone, my iPod.

Then it dawned on me: I’m a total geek.

And that’s not because I had four different personal electronic devices at my disposal while I sleep. It’s because on any given day, I’m routed, carded, networked, and fully entrenched in my two laptops, blogs, email, and phones. When I pop up at some ungodly hour to check email, you know there is something wrong. When, in a little reverse-voyeurism, I check my site traffic throughout the day to see who’s hitting me, one may be able to conclude that I’m in deep.

Everyone else ponders life, they talk with friends, I blog about it. How did I become such a Class A DORK? Why, with glee, do I show my family how my BlackBerry can play several different formats of video crisply and easily? And that…hell yeah!…now I’ll know the very moment someone sends me an email. In the words of the great Ben R., oy vey. Am I turning into of those cat women? Nah. Can’t really deal with cats in my personal space. But I think I need some real-life, real-time interaction before I go totally nuts.

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