And another thing…

It’s a great era to be an American woman. I was thinking, why can’t I be anything and everything I want? Never before have women had it so good. You can be one of the boys or all girl. A mom or a soldier. Coquette-ish or cavalier. A jock or not. It’s the most fantastic thing, to have no real boundaries.

I love the dichotomy of my female friends. They are strong and vulnerable, traditional and modern. I love that we can kick ass in the gym, then go home, luxuriate in a bath, and emerge made up, smelling lovely, smooth as silk, with stilettos and a dynamite dress and painted nails and the whole nine. It’s so cool that we have no qualms about cooking for our special guy and making him feel good, but having the independence and gumption to stand up for what we believe in. We are pushovers only when we want to be pushed.

How extraordinary is it to be able to, in a sense, play close to the gender roles line? Men can’t really get away with it like we can. So I find myself being extremely grateful to be an American woman today, with all these choices, all these options. I like that we’re complex and deep and multi-faceted. That we’re smart, witty, nurturing, sexy, humble, refined, wild, aggressive, reserved, and kind. We’re lucky girls, we are.