Embracing Change

I officially moved out of downtown today. Well, out of my office (er…cube), that is. In my professional life, our team is going “100% virtual,” meaning we will give up our permanent office space to work from home or at another corporate location in a temporary cube, or what we call a hotel cube.

Though I am wild about the idea of saying goodbye to commuting across town more than one day a week, good riddance to hellacious parking costs, and sayonara to getting up extra early to offset the commute, it’s going to be an adjustment. I worked downtown for seven years, and I’ve always loved the vibe. And I’m going to miss all my buds I’d lunch with regularly who are in other areas of the corporation, but also worked downtown.

However, it’s an interesting time for all this to be going down. I’m not only in the midst of major changes at home, I’ve got this work relocation on top of being named a team lead, which means I’m now managing four of my coworkers. Truly, the Universe, God, is throwing me more bones (Hallelujah! I can’t take another April 2007!). Since everything in my life will be totally different within the next 30 days, I’m not likely to be melancholy about what’s missing from my typical existence because my whole world is changing. That’s pretty cool. I can get through this. I really feel like I’m turning a major corner in my life and I’m totally excited about the possibilities.

Having said that, all this brings to mind some thoughts about living in the moment that both my yoga teacher and Dave Romanelli (in his Yoga + Chocolate seminar) have pointed out in their individual sutras for the day. Being the planner I am, I spend a sick amount of time calendaring appointments, thinking about what’s coming up, and letting my mind be in the future instead of the present. Now, there is no way in hell I’m giving up my day planner…I couldn’t possibly remember all the meetings, deadlines, and passwords I need for work and life. BUT, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to start living in the moment, taking the here and now in with all my senses, and just being.

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