For Art’s Sake

Flipping through the April 2007 issue of Vogue (which is very good, by the way) and an advertisement with CARAVAGGIO in big bold letters caught my eye, since I happen to be a fan of the type of epic paintings Caravaggio and Zurbarán created in the early 1600s.

The Caravaggio Ad (PDF) reads, “No wonder people think Caravaggio is a guy on the Sopranos,” and highlights the importance of supporting art education. It’s a very cleverly written ad—definitely check it out, especially if you are an artist or lover of arts.

On the subject of Zurbarán, the image to the left, St. Francis in Meditation, is my favorite painting by this master. I had the good fortune to see it in real life during a special exhibition in Boston or New York (I can’t quite remember), and it was hauntingly beautiful. It gave me goosebumps—I was mesmerized, much like I am when I see a real live Van Gogh.
That’s the cool thing about art. It transports you, chokes you up, makes you laugh, calms you, gets you thinking, inspires you—there’s no right or wrong, and there is something for everyone. All the more reason to ensure children get the opportunity to learn about and connect with their own favorites.

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PS: The last season of The Sopranos starts again April 8th!

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