I’m Mentioning 300…Again

A couple girlfriends coincidentally, and completely independently of one another, emailed me info about the training methods used to whip all those men into fighting Spartan shape for the movie 300. Since I’ve started lifting weights, I’m much more interested in what it takes to rip up a body to that degree.

Trainer Mark Twight, Gym Jones founder, did a phenomenal job transforming the cast into an army of hard bodies—apparently the transformation took place within a scant four months. If you read more about Twight’s philosophy, it’s implied that the most significant transformations were possible only because the actors committed themselves 100% to the regimen. That is always the key to any physical achievement. You’ve got to show up and do the heavy lifting. It may suck at the moment, but the payoff for one’s dedication does come. Be sure to check out “300” on the Gym Jones site for details about the training.

The Gym Jones training methodology is not for the faint of heart. It is gut-wrenching, brutally effective, hardcore physical work. Sissies need not apply…or even inquire! I love this little tidbit from the Deliverance page of the site…it’s nice to occasionally see overtly non-PC people and schools of thought amidst our very sterile America :

“Whoever said “there are no stupid questions” was wrong. We are not interested in helping beginners, the indolent, or the ignorant. This is a serious place, for serious people. Contacting us implies that you have done your utmost to become informed through other avenues and experience. “

Several Gym Jones techniques seem similar to CrossFit techniques/methodology—lots of kettle bells, rings, routines that work multiple muscle groups, with no rest in between. Although I’ve never done CrossFit training exclusively, my trainer works a lot of these types of exercises into our sessions. We’re always moving, always working two or three exercises and body parts at a time. In the eight months I’ve been working with my trainer, we’ve never done the same routine twice. It’s really good stuff…if you stick to it, you will see results, in record time. I have.

Be sure to check out the Men’s Health interview with Gerard Butler, which includes video of the physical training they did behind the scenes of 300 in the article “Character Builder.”